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Main User Interface

Programmatically Using Fixed Constraints

let constraint = NSLayoutConstraint(item: view1,
attribute: .width,
relatedBy: .equal,
toItem: nil,
attribute: .notAnAttribute,
multiplier: 1.0,
constant: 150.0)

Adding Constraints To a View

let constraint = NSLayoutConstraint(item: view1,
attribute: .leading,
relatedBy: .equal,
toItem: view2,
attribute: .trailing,
multiplier: 1.0,
constant: 10.0)

let constraint = view1.leadingAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view2.trailingAnchor, constant: 10)
let constraint = view1.widthAnchor.constraint(equalToConstant: 150)

Facts about programmatic layout:

  • Code is a single source of truth of a UI component.
  • View setup is explicit. It is clear which properties are configured and how.
  • Merge conflicts are easier to resolve since we are dealing with code rather than XML.
  • Extensible for complex scenarios: screen rotation, animations, dynamic fonts, etc.
  • The consistent coding style of constructing UI programmatically is maintained across a mixed UIKit and SwiftUI project. With the gradual adoption of SwiftUI, this becomes more and more relevant.
  • Less noise in the codebase: no segues, string identifiers, tricky initialization from storyboard and xib, numerous helper extensions attempting to hide some part of that noise.

Story Squad (Scribble-Stadium) RC-1 Release

  • Integration of IOT and Cloud
  • AI integration




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